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Giedrius Bučas


Creative angle 360 - a place for children to learn about and act on environmental issues.


In Lithuania, only 30% of the population sort their waste. Also, many do not recognize their own unsustainable consumption of packaging, polyethylene bags, and used objects. The consequences of these behaviors are increased littering of garbage in cities, build-up of landfills that have become ecological dead zones, and greater health problems associated with the worsening environment. To reverse this trend, future generations need to increase their awareness around how ecology works, especially children.


Through Kūrybos kampas 360, Giedrius Bučas hopes to increase awareness about the ecological issues by creating a space where children and their families can hold seminars and discussions and watch movies related to protecting the environment and practicing sustainable consumption. The vision of Kūrybos kampas 360 is to help all children learn about how to best take care of our planet and live an ecologically sustainable life.


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