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Diana Lapkis & Anna Lokomete


The idea of project LabākKopā is to integrate primary and secondary school pupils from socially disadvantaged families, boarding schools and orphanages into society. Within the project, each child gets a student-mentors, who will not only help a child to get better grades in school, but also will become his friend, an example and a role model. Students-mentors will help pupils to believe in themselves and find talents to be developed, through formal and informal teaching methods.


In Latvia, 25% of the pupils are taking additional tutoring to pass their education. The educational system in Latvia is standardized and combined with a poor social economy, a poor environment for children to learn and prosper. This results in children lacking motivation, goals and aims, and having a difficult time integrating into society and achieve higher education.


Diana Lapkis & Anna Lokomete´s solution is creating a mentorship programme, where university students are working as role models, tutoring and mentoring children. The goal of the project “LabākKopā” is to create a mutual support platform for children in primary and secondary school, from socially disadvantaged families, border schools and orphanages. This platform will be a place, where children will be able to get free private lessons lead by a university student, who will become their mentor and friend and at the same time will be able to get additional credit points for the studies or studentship. In the future there is a plan to also create a web based platform, where parents and caregivers, as well as school teachers, will be able to search and select the student, and students will be able to apply to become a mentor.


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